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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I registered online at your web site for one of your studies and haven’t heard from anyone. Why doesn’t someone call me or tell me if I don’t qualify for that study?
    We regularly get thousands of responses to our studies posted online. We'd like to call all of you to tell you if you qualify or not, but unfortunately, we simply cannot do it, as calling back thousands of people would take weeks to do and would be too costly for us. You can check the status of your pre-screener in the "Recent Activity" section of your member portal. Registering for a study online is the fastest way to get your Recruiter's attention, your submission goes straight to their computer screen. So please know that our technologies are there to best serve you and our database community.

  2. Why do you have to ask me questions over the phone, why don’t you just put them online and let me answer them all at once?
    We would love to do that; unfortunately, some questions we cannot post online due to the sensitive nature of our studies: putting that information online would risk exposing our client's research to competitors. And unfortunately, some people give us bad information, just to try and get into our studies, so we save some questions to ask you over the phone to ensure you and the study are a good fit. Our clients spend a lot of money on their research, and it is our job to make sure the right people are participating in each study, making sure the people that participated are who they said they are, and that they buy the things or feel a certain way about a product or service that our clients are looking for. The better job we do in matching the right people to our client's studies, the more studies they trust with us, in turn meaning more opportunities for everyone in our database community to participate. We appreciate you answering our questions thoughtfully, and accurately, to ensure our clients get good information: this ensures we get paid for our research studies, and you get paid for your opinions!

  3. What if I don’t live where you have offices, or am incapable of traveling: are there other opportunities for me to get paid for my opinions?
    Absolutely! L&E Research does studies with people all over the United States! Some studies our clients will visit you in your home, and some studies are done over the phone, or even the Internet with webcams! Soon, we will offer our database community other ways to get paid for their opinions, including through your mobile devices! Regardless of where you live, or any restrictions you have on travel, there are studies you can qualify for that will give you the opportunity to share your opinion, and be paid those opinions!

  4. Will I get phone calls from you that are long distance numbers, or numbers that don’t register as L&E Research on my caller ID?
    Yes, we have people that work all over the US that recruit for our studies, and nearly all of those folks work from home. Many of our callers are stay-at-home parents that work part time, giving them a chance to stay in the work force while also caring for their families. L&E Research is proud to employ over dozens of parents that work from home, and we’re working hard to continue our growth so we can hire even more of them! So if you see a number that you don’t recognize, it could be L&E Research. And if you’re worried that the call isn't us, don’t worry: our Recruiters will leave you a message. And if being a part of our team sounds like fun to you, either as one of our Recruiters or Client Service Representatives, be sure to send us your resume, which you can do from the Join Our Team page on our company web site.