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Eating Out Columbus, OH Area! We are currently looking for men and women to participate in an upcoming paid study on food preferences when eating out! Please tell us: 1) Which of the following have you visited in the past month: quick service restaurant, food truck, convenience store that serves prepared food, casual restaurant. 2) Which of these have you purchased in the past month when eating out? And where did you purchase each one? Breakfast Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Burger 3) Which of the following times are you available to do a 45 min study group in Dublin OH? 7AM - 9 AM, 9 AM - 11 AM, Noon - 3 PM, 4 - 8 PM Fully qualified respondents who participate will be compensated. Referrals always welcomed! Tip: Filling out and updating your data points within your Member Portal increases your chances of being contacted and selected for one of our studies!
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